Our Story

Our story Cutered is a family-led brand founded in 2004 and based in Modena. Cutered’s vision aims at bringing a new perspective to the cosmetic market, introducing a high-quality functional cosmetics line, entirely designed and produced in Italy. The brand’s products are novel and efficacy-oriented, characterized by affordable cost.
Thanks to our commercial coordinator Elisa Ragazzi (triathlon athlete, volleyball player and athletics champion) and other collaborators engaged in the sports environment, we carried out our first studies concerning the relation of physical activity-related ost


Our Philosophy

Cutered stands for quality, competence, experience of professional pharmacists who care about their costumers’ wellness. Our products are natural and their production is highly ethical and does not involve animal testing. The development of a cosmetics line based on natural products was led by our pharmacological experts, which have shaped our products according to the need of athletes for muscular activation and/or relief and rehab.


Quality products

Our product are extremely efficient and valuable, thanks to Cutered's detal-oriented philosophy.

Made in Italy

We offer functional cosmesis products, bearing Made in Italy values, such as innovation, research, enthusuasm, quality.

Ecofriendly products

Our company employs the best Italian products, which do not involve animal testing. Our feedstock involves only natural and certified bio products, such as our arnica, in order to offer the best products to our clients.