• Products for athletes

    At Cutered, we are at the side of those who are strongly devoted to sport. We believe us to have created a range of products cosmetics in Modena that can help athletes to prevent the most common muscle traumas. They represent a solid support in the cases of recovering from injuries, particularly owing to the use of arnica, which is known for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, many sports require a special skin care because of the physical damage caused by wind, sun and chlorine. For this reason, we sponsor several sport events such as golf, ski, snowboard, swimming, cycling, beach volley, marathon and fitness and we are present on many occasions with our products.
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  • Functional cosmetics completely produced in Italy

    Cutered has been developing products cosmetics in Modena since 2007 with the purpose of providing functional products suitable for every kind of skin and intended for all age groups.

    What make cosmetics functional are the specific healing properties that act on the skin through its ability to absorb treatments. For this reason, our cosmetics are also employed complementary to the medical treatment for different pathologies.

    Based on the use of natural ingredients known for their moisturising, emollient, soothing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, our cosmetics are the fruit of years spent on research by specialists in the chemical-pharmaceutical sector.

    Since 2015, we have worked with dedication in the field of sport, alongside the athletes, in order to prevent injuries and wounds and take care of their skin both during and after training.

    Through our functional cosmetics, we try to help and educate customers, providing them not only with innovative efficient high-quality creations but also information intended to increase awareness on health issues among athletes and population with specific disorders.

    Take care of you with our healthy cosmetics!


  • Produces cosmetics in Modena

    Total care. Cutered develops productscosmetics in Modena to respond to the needs of all the family. The line for adults includes different products for both men and women. From cleansing and intimate hygiene to moisturising and protection of every kind of skin, we take care of you every day. For sport lovers, we have created a range of product suitable for both muscle warm-up and loosening after stretching, when the body needs recovering and relaxation. We have also designed two specific solutions to help you to heal minor injuries and bruises thanks to the beneficial properties of arnica. We sponsor different kinds of sport events, being sure of the efficacy of our products for activities like these. For adolescents and pre-adolescents we have studied a complete line of products for the proper skin care of those presented with acne and blackheads. We also look after the health of babies with our line Baby Cutered, which is a comprehensive range of products for any necessity: from protecting the baby bottom from nappy rash to the everyday cleansing, we help you to guarantee your baby’s well-being.